Monday, 23 December 2013

Some examples.




  2. The English are NOT Caucasian by the criteria of the German scientist Joanne Blumenbach who first used the
    Word "Caucasian".  He specifically excluded the english derived
    Anglo americans from the Caucasian race.

    No R1a1 gene (Aryan gene) in
    English and  by extension anglosaxon are neither Europeans nor indo europeans.
    They have zero gene of R1a1 which is a marker of indo european otherwise called aryan race. .
    In fact English race or anglosaxon are derived from misgeneasis between Neanderthals and Phonecians living in bogs ( mudflats and Swamps) of Northern Holland.

    This needs be said  because English are the most racist disease on the face of earth and they have been waging war on all non Anglo races one by one. This is a race  war by English on other Races of the  humanity.
    The they have also grabbed the biggest land mass of earth in Australia Canada and USA as illegals.
    england stole the lands of australia, canada, usa, greenland, hawaii, guam, in less then 500 years ago 37 millions square kilometers of stolen lands should be taken back from the anglo pirate race and give back the lands to the right full owners
    So the world needs to be prepared to
      confront  that evil.
    China, Russia and Iran should support native Indians in North America, aboriginals in Australia, moaris in new Zealand and Polynesians and Samoans in Hawaii. And force the USA UK to hand over the stolen lands of 37 million square kilometers.